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Fashion Frame - Lux - Sajama Tortoise

Fashion Frame - Lux - Sajama Tortoise

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Fashionable frames by Lux, Sajama Tortoise, for the Envision Glasses.

  • Made from high quality acetate
  • Black with a subtle brown tortoise (sajama) print
  • Comes with clear lenses that can be customized at your local optician
  • Made in Italy

These frames are custom-made for the Envision Glasses and can be attached just like the default Lightweight Titanium Frames and the Smith Optics frames.

For those prioritizing enhanced protection and larger frame aesthetics, we suggest exploring our Smith Optics frames, offering both style and security.

If your preference leans towards larger, effortlessly chic frames, our Avella Granite Lux frames are the ideal choice, making a bold fashion statement while ensuring comfort.

For individuals with petite head sizes, we recommend our Sajama Tortoise Lux frames, perfectly tailored to provide a snug and stylish fit.

Upgrade your eyewear game today with Lux Sajama Tortoise frames – where fashion meets functionality in perfect harmony.


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